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Looking for an allworx phone system, this is why you buy an allworx........

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Allworx 48x Business Phone System
The Allworx 48x is the largest and most powerful of any Allworx system to date – supporting up to 250 users per system. Its two T1/PRI interfaces make it the perfect solution for businesses which are too large for a single PRI, but not so large that they need the significant expense of an enterprise-class solution.
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Allworx 6x12 Small Business Phone System
The Allworx 6x12 delivers powerful all-in-one communications with feature-rich capabilities in one integrated, low-cost package. Specifically designed for small offices with up to 12 employees, this system combines advanced features — like remote IP phones that can connect from anywhere — with the reliability of true key system operation.
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Allworx 6x Business Phone System
Designed for companies with up to 60 users, the Allworx 6x system is an all-in-one communication system integrating a feature-rich phone system, advanced IP phones and powerful software features that substantially improve your company’s productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The 6x is an excellent choice if you are evaluating new phone and PC network systems.
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Allworx Connect
The new Allworx Connect systems take the battle-tested reliability Allworx to a new level of performance. The Connect family comes in five models that can easily scale to meet your business needs. So whether you have a few employees in a single location or hundreds of employees across multiple locations, Allworx Connect packs in enterprise-grade business phone features in an affordable package.
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Allworx - IP Phones


Allworx 9224 IP Phone
The Allworx 9224 is today’s premier high-fidelity IP phone bringing the latest advancements in IP telephony to today’s business leaders. Supporting from 24 to 96 programmable function keys (PFKs) with the additional Tx 92/24 Expander units, the Allworx 9224 can deliver a multitude of call appearances, line appearances, speed dials, busy lamp fields and an array of other functions.
This well-designed and stylish phone is the ideal solution for everyone from executives who make and receive a high volume of calls to receptionists who must monitor a huge number of lines all day long. The intuitive design of the Allworx 9224 allows users to upgrade from their old key system with ease – no retraining is necessary.
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Allworx 9212L IP Phone
With 12 programmable function keys and supporting up to 12 line appearances, the 9212L is a powerhouse communications tool. This phone can be programmed for any combination of PBX Call Appearance, Key System Line Appearance, Queue Appearance, speed dialing, direct station dialing and busy lamp field.
The 9212L is a sophisticated and flexible state-of-the-art IP phone designed for the business user who needs rich features, a friendly user interface, and superb voice quality. The vibrant, high resolution full backlit display is at the heart of the Allworx 9212L.
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Allworx 9204G and 9204 IP Phones
The sleek, stylish designs of the 9204G and 9204 are ideal for any office setting. The Allworx product line makes it easier than ever before for small to medium size businesses to acquire the communications and collaboration capabilities they need. The Allworx 9204G delivers the speed of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. If you have minimal need for call line appearances, the Allworx 9204 is just right for you. Two additional outstanding features of this phone are the back lighted LCD display and the 4 programmable features keys.
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Allworx 9202E IP Phone
This model complements the existing phone family, providing a powerful entry-level solution to users of the Allworx IP communications system and setting new price and performance benchmarks.
The Allworx 9202E has a sleek, compact design and is extremely easy to use. With its contemporary, minimalist design approach, it is the perfect solution for customers who need high level functionality in a low traffic environment, where desk space is at a premium, without the associated high price point.
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Allworx Tx 92/24 IP Phone Expander
The Allworx Tx 92/24 Expander is the ideal solution for anyone who needs an array of one-touch features or the ability to monitor or route a high volume of calls directly from their phone. Up to three Tx Expander units can be anchored to any Allworx 9224 phone for an additional 24, 48, or 72 programmable feature keys (PFKs) – offering you access to a total of 96 PFKs in one single integration.
Each PFK on an Allworx Tx Expander can be programmed to perform a wide variety of functions which are activated at the simple touch of a button.
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Allworx - Feature Codes


Advanced Multi-Site Software
Unrivaled in scope and simplicity, this exciting capability takes the inherent advantages of a distributed environment and embeds a completely seamless call processing experience. With Advanced Multi-Site there is true unification across all sites. For the user who has offices at more than one site, you can now use your phones no differently than if the offices were at the same site.
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Automatic Call Distribution Software
Allworx Automatic Call Distribution is a robust system, allowing you to distribute queued calls in linear priority, round robin, longest idle and ring all styles — a different style for each and every call center need! With Automatic Call Distribution, you can instantly manage all the important configurations of each call queue within your system while also tracking an array of beneficial queue statistics on the performance of both individual agents and each individual queue.
Automatic Call Distribution supports up to 10 queues with 16 calls per queue and 32 calls across all queues at any time (when using an Allworx 24x) or 10 queues with 8 calls per queue and 16 calls across all queues at any time (when using an Allworx 6x).
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Call Assistant Software
Finally…a cost-effective answering position and personal call management tool designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Allworx Call Assistant is a PC-based answering position and personal call management tool that brings the power of enterprise features directly to small businesses.
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Conference Center Software
When you’re not able to be there in person, the Allworx Conference Center software allows you to confidently host conference calls with remote colleagues, internal employees, customers and business partners.
Take control of your communications with a fully featured conference center that allows real-time scheduling and managing of conference calls with both internal and remote participants directly from your desktop.
Enjoy a fully featured professional conferencing system with comprehensive administrative and user controlled security, scheduling and moderation on a centralized easy-to-use web portal.
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Dual Language Software
Your business doesn't stop at the border — now Allworx will actively help boost your international or multicultural corporate presence.
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Allworx Interact
Allworx Interact™ applications bring effortless communication to your desktop. Interact offers control over your Allworx phone in an intuitive manner that improves personal productivity and efficiency. Interact is designed to leverage the simplicity of the PC-based user interface with the power of the Allworx handset, resulting in tangible benefits to Allworx customers.
Allworx Interact takes up minimal screen space but provides maximum information about each call as it arrives, and provides the ability to answer or ignore the call via the application interface.
Allworx Interact Pro adds the aspect of control to the application in a series of dockable windows. Users control presence management, current and parked calls, contacts and call history. The ability to see the presence and handset status of other Allworx users prior to placing calls makes connecting with co-workers easier than ever before. Third party applications can be integrated to provide additional information about each call. A powerful search capability enables entries in the Allworx directory and the user’s contact list to be quickly found by name, number or date and utilized for error free, rapid dialing. Microsoft Outlook contacts are also incorporated into the Interact Pro database, allowing easy search and one click dialing.
Multiple Interact Pro windows, each with multiple choices for density, can be positioned anywhere on the screen and can be moved and resized as required. For important calls, a record feature uses a single click to store a call anywhere the user designates..
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Allworx Reach
Allworx Reach™ combines effortless communication with complete mobility for iOS and Android devices. Allworx Reach brings the rich functionality of your Allworx phone to your smartphone, providing a robust level of features, functionality and integration as part of the Allworx family of IP-based PBXs. An Allworx-created solution designed exclusively to work on Allworx systems, Reach integrates seamlessly with new or existing Allworx products and requires no additional Allworx hardware. Both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks are utilized for Allworx Reach access, so users are connected anywhere there is a signal — from across the room or across the globe.
Large, visually oriented windows are utilized to manage calls, contacts, call history and voicemail in the Allworx Reach user interface. The user can simultaneously make, receive and manage multiple calls. The contacts and call history lists are useful to simplify dialing calls, reducing dialing errors and speeding time to connect. Voicemail is also accessible from Allworx Reach, enabling quick review and processing of individual messages.
Allworx Reach is supported with Release 7.5 software and higher. It is a free download, available from iTunes for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices. A device license on your server is required in order to register the Reach application on each device. One device license is provided at no charge, additional device licenses are available from any Authorized Allworx Partner, who can then provision them on your Allworx server.
If you are an Allworx end-user customer and want more information on how Allworx Reach can improve your productivity, please contact your authorized Allworx partner to learn how to upgrade your existing system - or to purchase a new Allworx system. If you need help locating an authorized partner, please contact Allworx directly at 1-866-ALLWORX.
Technical support is provided by Allworx only to its authorized partners, so to avoid frustration, please contact your partner, or contact us so we can put you in contact with an authorized partner nearby your office. Once your device license is configured you can manage the actual download and setup without any further assistance.
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